Main Casino Licenses (34) Belgium Gaming Commission

Belgium Gaming Commission Licence

The list of gambling activities licensed by the Belgium Gaming Commission is established in accordance with the Royal Decree of July 19, 2001. The procedure for issuing licences is regulated by the Law on Gambling and Gambling Houses [1] dated the 7th of May 1999 and amended by two laws dated the 10th of January 2010.

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Online Casinos with license

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Belgium Gaming Commission Licence

The Belgium Gaming Commission consists of a head and two representatives from each of the six ministries: justice, finance, economy, interior, national lottery, health.

For the provision of services in the field of gambling in Belgium, one or more licences are obtained:

  1. For class 1 (offline casino), an A licence is required. If games or bets on the Internet are envisaged, an A + permit is additionally required. Issued for 15 years.
  2. For class 2 (gaming halls), a licence B is required. To organise the operation of the site with arcade games and slot machines, you need the B + permission. Valid for 9 years.
  3. For class 3 (establishments selling alcohol and cafes) - a licence C is required. Issued for 5 years.
  4. Licence D (service personnel of class I, II and IV gambling houses). Valid for 5 years.
  5. Licence E (manufacturers and installers of software (software) for slot machines). Valid for 10 years.
  6. For class 4 (bookmakers with sports betting and horse racing) - F1 licence, for accepting bets in public places - F2, for organizing bets via the Internet - F+. Valid for 9 years.
  7. Licence G1 (organization of tournament competitions and lotteries) is valid for 5 years. Licence G2 (gambling entertainment broadcast on TV) is issued for 1 year.

Operators of slot machine games in Belgium receive a B+ licence with a license fee of 8,920 euros.


The regulator is part of the European Casino Association [2] (ECA). The Belgium Gaming Commission [3] takes steps to protect the interests of players.

They suggest:

  • control of the size of bets
  • ban on bonuses (by a court decision of February 6, 2020, the Belgian State Council banned bonuses)
  • the possibility of denying access to an online casino (submitting a request to the Belgium Gaming Commission and subsequent registration in the EPIS database)
  • age restrictions (from 21 years old)
  • availability of technical support contacts and information on the consequences of excessive play on the sites

If a player fails to resolve the dispute with the operator, an additional complaint needs to be filed with the Belgian Gaming Commission.

Tax Rates

Tax rates for gambling are governed by the Code of equal taxes to the income tax and are determined by regional governments. The three autonomous regions of Belgium - Wallonia, Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region have their own tax rates.

Taxes are collected by the federal government, but as of January 1, 2017, the Flemish Region has been collecting taxes on its own.

A general tax of 15% (11% in Wallonia) is calculated based on the total rates. It does not include bets on pigeon races, national lotteries and gambling organised by non-profit organizations.

For bets on the Internet, there is a tax of 11% on net profit (the amount paid to users who made the bets is deducted from the total amount of bets).

How to Get a Belgium Gaming Commission Licence

A+, B+, F1+ licences allow online casino services to be provided in Belgium. They also have a list of legal online casinos [4] with A+ approval.

To obtain a licence A +, B +, F +, you must first obtain permission A, B, F (depending on the type of licence), fill out an application [5]and send it by registered mail, indicating:

  • Identification data: registration number, registration address and company name, e-mail and website URL.
  • Information about the judicial record (extract from the court not older than 3 months).
  • Information about the financial situation for the last 3 years: for individuals - copies of the last two income tax returns and legal entities need to provide copies of tax returns.
  • Information about loans: if they were issued, you must indicate all of them.
  • Whether the applicant is responsible for the financial condition or safety of one or more persons. If yes the table in the application must be filled in.
  • Foreign accounts. If you have opened accounts in foreign banks, you must specify all of them.
  • Facts of bankruptcy (if the applicant was a member of a company that became bankrupt, it is necessary to indicate the details of the organization).
  • Detailed information about the Shareholders and Directors of the company: identification data, legal history and financial position.
  • List of games offered.
  • The rules of gambling.
  • Confirmation that the bank account has at least 10,000 euros.
  • The location of the institution where the server from which the website is operated is located.

An electronic procedure is possible for obtaining category G and F Licences. There is a blacklist of blocked online casino sites [6] in Belgium. 

General recommendations when filling out an application:

  1. If there is not enough space on the form for full answers, additional information is indicated in the appendix.
  2. If there are changes in the company during the processing of the application or after the issuance of the licence, the Belgian Gaming Commission must be notified.
  3. Any deliberate communication of false information becomes a reason for refusal to receive a licence.
  4. If the applicant is a citizen or legal entity of a member state of the European Union (EU), documents from foreign authorities about the financial situation, fiscal and judicial situation should be attached. At the request of the regulatory authority, the applicant must translate documents into one of the three official languages ​​of Belgium: Dutch, French or German.

The documents need to be certified with a personal signature indicating the date of completion.

Licence Cost

Licence fees in Belgium are regulated in accordance with The Royal Decree on 2020 licensing fees.


A 22,085 - In addition 714 euros must be paid for each slot machine (with a minimum total of 21,420)
A+ 22,085
B 8,920
B+ 8,920
C 600
E 2,975
F1 10,180
F2 1,527
G1 17,840
G2 100
What language is the licence application in?

In the language of the region where the services will be provided. To obtain an F2 authorization, the application is made in Dutch. To apply for a class E or F1 licence, documents need to be drawn up in the state language of the operator.

Do I need to submit a new C licence application if the company has new Shareholders or Managers?

If the registration number of the company does not change, the permission is saved. However, the Belgian Gaming Commission needs to be informed of these changes.

How to renew a licence D if it has been used for more than 5 years?

Since the validity period has not yet expired, there is no need to renew the licence. However, every five years the staff of the gambling houses need to undergo advanced training courses that are available online in the e-learning system.