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In the Republic of Serbia, it is possible to organize classic and exclusive online games with a random chance. The websites of legal operators registered with the public domain «.rs». The regulation of gambling in Serbia is based on the Law on Games with a Random Chance (Law on Gambling on the Ground, No. 88/2011) of November 24, 2011. Updated version [1] — br. 18/2020 of March 3, 2020 — adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Управа за игре на срећу (Games of Chance Administration) [2] is an administrative commission under the Ministry of Finance. It performs government tasks in the field of gambling business. Games of Chance Administration created according to the Law «On games with a random chance» No. 84/2004 dated July 24, 2004.

The Serbian State Lottery and companies with permission from the Games of Chance Administration can organize gambling business.

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Serbia online casino legislation

Online casino license By Управа за игре на срећу 
Law Закон о играма на срећу бр.88/2011 of November 24, 2011. Updated version — br. 18/2020 of March 3, 2020 (after this — the Law)

Fee for permission to organize individual internet games with a random chance — 2,500 euros per month (payable in dinars).

Fee for organizing special online games with a random chance of:

  • sports rates — 15% per month;
  • casino games and slot machines — 10%.

It calculated from the difference between the total amounts of payments and receipts.

Fee for organizing classic online games with a random chance — 60% (the difference between the total amount of payments received and the prize pool)

Penalties for players No
Fines for illegal gambling

Revocation of permission to organize online casinos

Control For The Game For Good Luck of Serbia blocks illegal online operators. Fines for non-compliance by the operator with the current Law — from 5,000 to 2,000,000 dinars

Languages English, Serbian
Payment systems Visa, MasterCard, PaysafeCard

Responsibilities of the regulator in Serbia

The current Law regulates:

  • the right to organize gambling activities;
  • types of gambling entertainment;
  • conditions for conducting gambling business;
  • the rights and obligations of the organizers of gambling activities;
  • realization and distribution of income received from gambling activities;
  • Activities of the Games of Chance Administration — an administrative body under the Ministry of Finance.
  • 40% of the income from gambling activities in the Republic of Serbia used to finance the population's socio-economic needs.

19% of income goes to support:

  1. Serbian Red Cross.
  2. Organizations were supporting people with disabilities.
  3. Social protection institutions.
  4. Department of Youth and Sports.
  5. Local government bodies.

5% allocated to finance the treatment of rare diseases.

The primary responsibilities of Games of Chance Administration:

  • Issues and revokes permissions to organize online games with a random chance.
  • Supervises measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing in the field of gambling business. The government is planning to implement an electronic surveillance system to detect illegal online platforms.
  • Participates in the preparation of regulations within its competence.
  • Determines the number of fees for organizing gambling activities together with the Ministry of Finance.

 Only the Serbian State Lottery has the right to organize classic online games with a random chance. With the government's consent, the Serbian State Lottery may attract operators to organize online gambling entertainment.

An agreement approved by the government governs the reciprocal rights and obligations between the State Lottery and the operator.
More information about exclusive online games' organizers with random chance can found here (3rd block [3]).

Measures to protect players

According to Online Law, casinos must operate in a socially responsible manner, ensure the protection of minors, prevent participants' addiction, and ensure the confidentiality of personal data.

Online casino employees take specialized courses to study gambling addiction problems and learn to provide customers with appropriate assistance.
Advertising on the Internet casino must contain a notification about the prohibition of participation by minors and contacts of the support service for addicted persons.

The rules for participants in virtual casinos post in a prominent place on the site. Operators are obliged to keep the information about the players and their winnings confidential. The information store for five years. It disclosed when necessary to identify facts of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Contact support services for players and addicts

Gaming Authority of Serbia
Gaming Authority of Serbia
Special Hospital for Addiction Diseases
Special Hospital for Addiction Diseases
Teodora Drajzera 44, 11000 Beograd
The Gaming Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia
The Gaming Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia
Омладинских бригада 1, 11070 Нови Београд
FAQ about Online Casinos in Serbia
How can a participant be sure that the operator will pay out the winnings?

Players registered on licensed sites of Serbian online casino operators can be sure of the payment of winnings. To legalize an online casino, the organizer must have a first deposit of 300,000 in the Republic of Serbia or a bank guarantee for this amount. The licensee transfers permission to dispose of funds to the Republic of Serbia.

Is it possible to participate in online casinos in Serbia for free?

Yes, online casino in Serbia can play in a demo version.

What currencies accepted on Serbian websites?

It is Euro and Serbian dinar.