Rating 27 online casinos in Belgium

Online casinos in Belgium have been legalized since 2002 by the regulatory authority — Belgian Gambling Commission [1]. The Commission reports to the Belgian Federal Public Service [2]. Illegal gambling activities fined, online casinos are blocked and blacklisted [3].

Online Casino Rating in Belgium

It is allowed to play only on WEB resources with the right to activity from the Belgian Gambling Commission (on domains .be). To see the list of sites that are in the register of the regulator, click here.

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In Belgium, popular games at online casinos are blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, dice, bingo, and entertainment with casual winnings — slot machines and terminals betting.

Top Casino Software in Belgium
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To start a game developer's activity, you need to obtain an E license. There are no well-known Belgian producers of online casino software. Popular world companies are operating in the country.

2 By 2 Gaming
2 By 2 Gaming
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Play And Go
Play And Go
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177 games
88 games
All casino software (252)

Legal regulations online casinos in Belgium

Online Casino License Licences A+, Licences B+, Licences F1+
Law  "On Gambling and Gambling Houses" (1998)
Taxes Income  tax — 33.99%,     
VAT on online casino games — 21%
Fines for players From €26 to €25,000 (multiplied by payments
Penalties for illegal gambling activities

From 100 to 10,000 euros (multiplied by payments)

For payments to underage players — from 25 thousand euros

Maximum bet amount 500 euros per week
Minimum age of the player 21 year old
Languages of online casino sites English, French, Dutch
Payment Systems Neteller, Maestro, Skrill, Trustly, Bancotact, Hipay

Types of licenses

There are two types of licenses:

  • Permissions for offline casinos and gambling.
  • Consent for online casinos and gambling.

Permitted gambling activities include:

  • sports betting;
  • card and board games;
  • slot machines.

Two types of licenses divided into seven groups, each of them has 2-3 permits of different types. 

To obtain the right to operate online casinos must be first opened offline institution.

Features and validity period of licenses

Class Features Period of validity (with the possibility of extension)
А It  allows us to operate offline casinos in Belgium 15 years
А+ It  allows the holder to open an online casino 15 years
В It permits the opening of institutions with slot machines Nine years
В+ It allows the license holder to launch a site with online slot machines and arcade games Nine years
С It gives to the owners of alcohol drinking establishments. According to this permission, there can be no more than two bingo and slot machines in the bar or restaurant. Five years
D All maintenance personnel of class I, II and IV gambling houses must receive license D Five years
Е Manufacturers and installers of slot machine software must have license E Ten years
F1 It allows organizing bets on races and sports Nine years
F2 It allows accepting bets in public places Nine years
F+ It allows organizing bets online Nine years
G1 It is given to operators to organize lotteries and tournament competitions. It permits television advertising in the media as well Five years

It issued for all gambling activities broadcast on radio, television, covered in newspapers and magazines, and those not covered by G1 license. Winning or losing games should not depend on the user's skills, but should be randomly determined by

One year

Measures are taken by the Belgian Gambling Commission to protect players

Measure Short Information
Denying access to online casino sites Voluntarily or at the request of third parties. This prohibition applies to bet and gambling websites.
Control of betting There is a limit on the number of bets for online casinos. It is 500 euros per week.
Age restrictions Online casinos can provide visite users who are over 21 years old. Registration carried out with the provision of passport and identification number. 
The presence of a banner on the site about the consequences of excessive play At online casinos in Belgium, players should inform about the results of excessive play. It can be a downloadable document or a banner on the site.
On the website must be available mail for complaints, a helpline and contacts for addicts help centers by region E-mail — info@gamingcommission.be, 
hotline — 0800 / 35.777 
Bonus ban The decision of the State Council of Belgium on February 6, 2020

Violation of the above measures may be why the operator's imprisonment for one month to 3 years and the imposition of fines.

Technical support for players and contacts for dependent players and their relatives

 There are help centers and a free SOS GAMBLING hotline: 0800/35.777, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people with gambling addiction, and people around them.

Belgium Gaming Commission
Belgium Gaming Commission
Debt Mediation Support Center in the Brussels-Capital Region
Debt Mediation Support Center in the Brussels-Capital Region
Boulevard du Jubilé, 153-155 1080 Bruxelles
Walloon Public Service (SPW)
Walloon Public Service (SPW)
Avenue Gouverneur Bovesse, 100, 5100 Jambes (Namur)
Belgian Gambling Commission
Belgian Gambling Commission
Cantersteen 47 1000 Brussels
FAQ about Online Casinos in Belgium
Which game sites are legal?

The legitimate sites are those on the white list of the Belgium regulator.

Is it possible to advertise online casinos?

Advertising of the site is allowed if the operator has a license. Since the Belgian Gambling Commission has licensed 2011 online casinos.

What should you do if you suspect that the site is working without a license?

If an online casino is not on the Belgian Gambling Commission's white list and you suspect that the site is operating without a license, write to the Belgian regulatory authority: info@gamingcommission.be.