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The Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen) [1] licenses, controls and regulates the Swedish gambling market. It is controlled by the Ministry of Finance and its Board is appointed by the Government. The SGA endeavour to provide a safe gambling market by closely monitoring licensed land-based and online casinos and preventing illegal online casinos and gambling businesses from accepting players from Sweden.

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The Swedish Gambling Authority controls the gambling maket and online casinos in Sweden. They also monitor the activities of monopoly companies (AB Trav och Galopp, [2] AB Svenska Spel, [3] AB Casino Cosmopol [4] and Riksgälden [5]).

A licence is issued for each type of gambling entertainment:

  1. National Lotteries
  2. Restaurant casinos (land-based casinos)
  3. Amusement games
  4. Token machines
  5. Other licences
  6. Type approval (software)

According to Swedish law, a lottery is a game where the outcome is determined by chance. This includes traditional and digital lotteries, gaming machines, bingo, roulette, dice games, card games and betting on sports and horses.


The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGC) operates under:

  • the Lotteries Act (1994:1000)
  • the Lotteries Ordinance (1994:1451)
  • the Casinos Act (1999:355)
  • the Act concerning the Arrangement of Certain Forms of Gaming Machines (1982:636)

The SGA adopts rules in accordance with specific authorisations that are binding. They publish them as the Swedish Gambling Authority Code of Statues. Detailed information about the role of the SGA can be found in the brochure [6] they released in 2016.

The SGA has overall responsibility for the control and supervision of the gambling market in Sweden, it:

  • regulates, controls and licenses online and land based casinos
  • ensures the legality, safety and reliability of machines
  • issues licences for holding lotteries
  • punishes those who provide illegal gambling and lottery activities
  • provides consumers with the tools they need to play games fairly
  • supports a transparent and balanced gambling market
  • works to reduce potentially harmful social effects (depression, gambling addiction) of gambling

The SGA informs the Government about developments in the Swedish and foreign gambling markets.


The Swedish Gambling Authority protects the interests of players and controls and monitors illegal online entertainment:

  • conducts inspections after complaints have been received
  • reduces the number of illegal online casinos
  • at the first suspicion of illegal gambling activity, submits complaints to the police and the prosecutor's office
  • provides the state with information on gambling and lotteries
  • improves gambling legislation

The SGA remind the public that illegal gambling establishments are the main source of financing for crime and terrorism to dissuade potential users. Unlicensed operators or those with licences from other jurisidictions are considered illegal and will be prosecuted under criminal and administrative law.

On the 24th of September 2015, the Government decided to appoint an inquiry commission to create a new proposal for licensees and players. Its purpose was to better regulate the gambling market, provide a high level of consumer protection and safety and create clear conditions for issuing licences.

Håkan Hallstedt became the Head of the Commission (special investigator) on the 31st of March 2017. However, the legal framework has not yet been reforme. The draft rules were sent to the Swedish Government at the end of 2019.


Gambling licences issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority only allow virtual establishments to operate in Sweden. To enter the international market, the online casino operator will have to obtain a cross-licence or the licence of another country.

Tax Rates

The gambling tax is 18%. It is calculated from the annual profit of the online establishment.

Additional fees:

  • for income up to 10 million kroons - 30,000 SEK
  • with income up to 20 million kroons - 60,000 SEK
  • with income up to 50 million kroons - 120,000 SEK
  • with income up to 100 million kroons - 240,000 SEK
  • with income up to 200 million kroons - 300,000 SEK
  • with income up to 500 million kroons - 400,000 SEK
  • with income of 500 million kroons - 500,000 SEK

Taxes from lotteries are used to benefit society. They are distributed among national projects, equestrian sports and the Government also allocates various amounts to non-profit organisations that hold sporting events for young people.

How to Get an Online Casino Licence in Sweden

Applicants need to designate a contact person who the SGA will communicate with during the application process and term of validity of the licence. Applicants who are resident in a country outside the EEA must have a physical representative who is resident in Sweden.

Application forms are available from the SGA website [7] and must be completed in Swedish. You can also find information about the licences and fees, read the regulations and laws and see their list of licensed gaming companies.

Attached to the application you need to provide:

  • Registration certificates for Board Members
  • Personal information about Owners of the company
  • Certification of registration or equivalent document for foreign companies
  • A business plan and organisational structure
  • Financial documents including annual and audit reports, captial and finance guarantees
  • Documents confirming the gaming operations are in line with the Gaming Act
  • The url of the online casino

Each licence is valid for up to 5 years.

Licence Cost

To apply for registration of a gaming agent a fee of 800 SEK needs to be paid. Additionally the cost of the different types of licence or permits are:


(in SEK)

1 Licence for commercial online gaming 400,000
2 Betting Licence 400,000
3 Licence for both 1 and 2 700,000
4 Reneral of Licence according to 1 to 3 300,000
5 Change of Licence according to 1 to 3 150,000
6 Licence for State Lottery or Lottery for public benefit purposes
  1. Coverage up to and including 500,000 SEK
  2. Total more than 500,000 SEK up to and including 1 million SEK
  3. Total more than 1 million SEK up to and including 5 million SEK
  4. Total more than 5 million SEK up to and including 15 million SEK
  5. Total more than 15 million SEK





7 Change of Licence according to 6.3 to 6.5 40,000

The fees for licences for land based casinos, casino and card games and tournaments, the State Lottery and bingo can be found on the SGA website.

What is the role of the Swedish Gambling Authority?

The Swedish Gambling Authority is the central supervisory authority for the Lotteries Act. The Commission controls the entire gambling market, including ATG and Svenska Spel (monopolists who receive licences directly from the government).

The work of the Swedish Gambling Authority is focused on safety and elimination of user problems. The SGA focuses on market sectors with risks of crime and social harm.

Is there any criminal liability in Sweden for illegal gambling activities?

Yes. The operator is responsible for the services it provides. Illegal activity is fined or the Director of the institution can n be imprisoned for up to two years.

Where can licensees place servers?

The law requires servers to be located in the country. Otherwise, the holder must obtain a cross-licence.