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The regulator issuing licences for online casinos in Romania is the Oficiul Național pentru Jocuri de Noroc - ONJN [1] (National Gambling Office of Romania). Its divisions control and licence gambling establishments. They also monitor compliance with the rules and regulations of the laws, check documentation, and if violations are found, they suspend or revoke the licence.

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Online Casinos with license

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Licence Types

Online gambling licences issued by the ONJN are classified according to the type of entertainment:

  1. Betting
  2. Casino games
  3. Poker
  4. Slot machines
  5. Video lottery
  6. Bingo

The lottery is monopolized by the national company "Romanian Lottery". Its representatives can conclude agreements with individuals or legal entities for the organisation and conduct of thematic gambling.


The National Gambling Authority is a specialised central public administration body that reports to the Romanian government. Regulatory functions are enshrined in Resolution No. 20/27.03.2013 and Law No. 227/19.07.2013 as amended and supplemented (Law No. 644/28.08.2013). They also monitor fees and taxes, manage databases and control online casinos.

With the help of this body, the rules of gambling in Romania are being improved and adapted, the dependence of users on the casino is prevented and the protection of minors is ensured.

Management functions include fair and transparent regulation of online resources, combating the illegal gambling sector by strengthening technical and legal instruments and promoting safe and high-quality gambling services.


According to Romanian legislation, the protection of the rights of online casino players is the responsibility of the organisers of the games. They must:

  • provide real chances of winning
  • carry out exclusively licensed activities
  • prove legal ownership of the software
  • transfer data to the office of the Central Electronic System
  • install recommendations on websites for safe play
  • block access to resources for minors

Licensees are subject to an annual snap review to ensure they meet these requirements. Failure to fulfill obligations is a violation of their licence and is subject to a fine of 20,000 to 40,000 Romanian Leu (4,100 to 8,200 EUR). Depending on the type and number of non-conformities, the licence may be suspended or cancelled.


An online casino licence issued by the National Gambling Office of Romania allows the opening of gambling establishments in Romania. Cross-authorisation is required to operate overseas.

Tax Rates

The monthly tax rate is 2% from the total of participation fees cashed in every month. It needs to be paid by the 25th day of the next month.

Authorisation tax for online gambling is paid annually. It is 16% of the GGR but not less than 100,000 EUR per year.

How to Get an Online Casino Licence

To become a licensee, you must fill in an application form and attach to it:

  • documents confirming the company's activities
  • an extract from a bank account opened in a bank in Romania
  • evidence that the resource software is certified in a specialised state laboratory
  • a contract with an authorised representative of the company if it is registered in another member state of the European Union
  • data on checking the organiser's central server (must be located in Romania)
  • decoding of the security protocol and the registration (identification) system of participants
  • software verification audit
  • receipts for payments and fees for obtaining a licence
  • copy of the business plan
  • statement on the turnover of funds for 3 years
  • a list of contracts with software suppliers
  • self-responsibility statement
  • other documents or information requested by representatives of ONJN

All papers must be in Romanian and translations must be certified by a government translator.

The applicant must also have insurance deposits (in EUR):

  • 167 for each slot, but not more than 60,000
  • 10,000 for each game with a live dealer, but no more than 175,000
  • 5,000 for one bingo point, but not more than 7,000
  • 7,000 for bets with a fixed odds, but not more than 100,000 for one organiser
  • 100,000 for one casino site
  • 100,000 for online keno

The technical control of all slots must be carried out by Romanian State companies and the software must be licensed. These documents must also be submitted with the licence application.

Licence Cost

The applicant will have to pay 2,500 EUR for the documents to be checked. If a licence is issued then an additional fee of 8,500 EUR will need to be paid.

Licensed Online Casino Operators also need to make an annual contribution of 5,000 EUR to the National Gambling Office for the prevention of gambling addiction.

Who can get a Romanian licence?

A company whose Head Office is located in Romania or on the territory of another member state of the European Union, a party to the Agreement on the Economic Area of ​​the European Union or a member of the Swiss Confederation.

Can I get a licence without visiting the Head Office?

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the National Gambling Office of Romania has switched to remote work. It will run until the end of 2020.

Submitting documents for a licence can be sent through:

  • national mail
  • courier delivery
  • email (

Depending on the development of the situation at the national level, the online licensing period may be extended for an indefinite period.

Can the user get information about the licensee?

Yes, by calling 0312256200 or by emailing