Main Casino Licenses (48) Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia

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In Croatia, the gambling market is regulated by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia. They follow the Law on Gambling that became effective from 01/01/2015. The activities of online casinos are additionally regulated by the Code of Rules for the Organisation of Remote Games 78/10. Hrvatska Lutrija is the state run lottery organiser and also provides online gaming operations. Only operators of land based casinos in Croatia can apply for an online casino licence.

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Private commercial enterprises can only provide gambling services in Croatia if their application for a licence has been accepted by the Ministry of Finance and approved by the Government. Online licences are only issued to companies that are already licenced to conduct gambling business in land-based establishments. The licence is issued for 15 years.

The regulator issues licences for the following types of entertainment:

  1. Number lotteries - draws in which the winning depends on the number of guessed numbers, signs or symbols. It is carried out after the player pays a fixed amount of the ticket (coupon) cost. For example, joker, lotto, keno, bingo and classic lotteries.
  2. Instant, electronic or express lottery - types of lotteries with a predetermined result. The participant learns about the win after joining the drawing.
  3. Sports or casual betting.
  4. Slot machines.
  5. Traditional online casino games that involve players participating in entertainment against the casino itself or other users (craps, roulette) or in various tournaments in which the number of participants and the amount of winnings are not known in advance.

Any form of electronic entertainment must use Random Number Generators (RNG) that have been certified by the regulator.

Authority and Jurisdiction

The duties of the Ministry of Finance include:

  1. Issuing licences for gambling activities.
  2. Establishing the rules for the operation of resources, maintaining a list of permitted activities and establishing the rules for the organisation and operation of gambling equipment or software.
  3. Controlling the work of licensees.
  4. Encouraging International cooperation.
  5. Regulating the gambling market in the Republic of Croatia.

Player Return Percentages

In lotteries, the amount of the prize fund must be at least 50% of the sale price of all tickets (coupons). The amount of winnings from slot machines must be at least 80% of the cost of the participation fee.

How to Get a Licence in Croatia

Applicants for a licence to organise online gambling in Croatia are applying to participate in a tender. The operator must have at least 4 million Croatian Kuna (HRK) of share capital and a bank guarantee of 3 million HRK to pay out winnings.

Foreign companies can participate in the tender, if they have official representatives and interests that are based in the Republic of Croatia.

The application form contains:

  • company name, head office address and personal identification number (OIB)
  • confirmation of the payment of a licence fee in the amount of 3 million HRK
  • data about software, system, network, software support and hardware
  • confirmation from an independent and recognised international body that the results of testing programs, systems and each individual game comply with regulations
  • rules for each type of entertainment
  • bank account details with a financial institution registered in the Republic of Croatia
  • data on the location of servers (they must be in the territory of the republic)
  • description of personal data protection measures (measures must comply with the requirements of the Ministry)
  • the address of the site (or sites) of the online casino
  • a copy of the contract with a provider registered in Croatia
  • data on the locations of land-based casinos for which the organiser received a work permit, indicating the number of employees

The company must also provide:

  • copies of the constituent act
  • extracts on the activities of the organisation and from the court register
  • evidence of compliance with Croatian tax legislation
  • a business plan for the next 3 years

Within a period of up to 30 days, the Ministry is obliged to inform the participants of the tender in writing about its results. The approved businesses will need to sign an agreement on the right to organise online gambling within 60 days.

Taxes and Fees

Holders of an online casino licence pay a monthly gambling tax in the amount of 15% of the company's net profit. For online bookmakers, the rate is 5%. The fixed annual fee for using the licence is 3,000,000 HRK.

Arbitration and Player Protection

The Regulator makes sure that licensed Online Casinos in Croatia follow the principles of responsible gambling. Users are identified using the electronic services of the tax administration.

Player registration contains the following information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Residence address
  3. An identification number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. E-mail address
  6. Username
  7. The password corresponding to the required security level
  8. Bank account number for making payments

The player is obliged to inform the organiser of all changes in personal data. The organiser has no right to disclose or transfer the user's personal data to third parties.

Complaints need to be sent to the operator in writing and must contain:

  • applicant details - name and surname, address and telephone number
  • payment details - card number or IBAN account
  • name of the game
  • payment number or serial number of the lottery ticket
  • original payment receipt
  • description of the claim

The licence holder is obliged to record users' requests and respond to them in writing.

If the player is not satisfied with the decision, the request will need to be sent to the Ministry or to the court.

Can foreign companies participate in the tender for a licence in Croatia?

Yes. The interests of a company with a foreign registration on the territory of the republic must be represented by official responsible persons acting on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.

What tax does an online casino licence holder pay?

The licensee pays an annual license fee of 3 million Croatian kuna. The monthly gambling tax rate is 15%.

Can licensees host servers outside Croatia?

No. The law requires the company's servers to be located in the country.