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The Ministry of Finance of Georgia regulates and controls the activities of online casinos in the country. Online lotteries are considered a part of the state monopoly, and sites with slot machines can only be opened by the holder of a licence for land-based establishments.

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The Georgian Regulatory Authority issues a licence for a land-based casino. Licensees can also operate online:

  • slot machine salons
  • casinos
  • totes
  • lottery

The lottery licence is awarded to the winner of a state tender and the last time the Ministry of Finance of Georgia held it was in 2016.


The Gambling Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia:

  • develops a gambling business policy with the involvement of investors
  • improves legislation and develops amendments to the law
  • identifies the needs of gambling licensees
  • structures information about agreements concluded between representatives of the state and business
  • evaluates the effectiveness of changes in legislation
  • represents the legitimate interests of citizens
  • protects consumer rights
  • examines the international practice of gambling regulation

The legal and regulatory framework of the department consists of laws:

  • about licences and permits
  • about licence fees
  • on the organisation of lotteries and gambling
  • about fees in the field of gambling business

In 2011, a joint resolution of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia No. 611-1013 was issued on the approval of the verification rules for holders of licences for gambling.

The Gambling Policy Department consists of Ministers and is headed by the Chief Minister, who is elected for three years.


Players are protected by the Ministry of Finance - LEPL Revenue Service. The commission monitors gambling establishments and annually checks the software and the percentage of payments.

At the first signs of violations, its representatives turn to the prosecutor's office. The punishment is provided for by the country's Criminal Code and the regulations of the Ministry of Human Rights.


An online casino licence issued by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia is not a cross-authorisation. It is only valid within the territory of Georgia and is invalid beyond its borders.

Tax Rates

The LEPL Revenue service regulates tax rates for online casinos as part of a new course called “Legal, Simple and Safe Tax System”. Employees of the commission prevent tax evasion and tax fraud and protect the tax legislation of Georgia in the field of gambling and other licences for the gambling business.

The annual tax rate is 5%. For each slot machine from 1,500 to 3,000 Georgian Lari (GEL) needs to be paid quarterly.

The fine for failure by the licensee to comply with the permit conditions is 1,000 GEL. Violation of the deadline for payment of taxes and fees can incur a penalty of up to 10,000 GEL.

How to Get a Casino License in Georgia

To obtain a licence for an online casino, you must submit an application to the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia via their website providing the following information:

  • the actual server address
  • list of games and their description
  • withdrawal methods and payment terms
  • the address of the holding organisation
  • the web address of the main site
  • rules for players
  • bank statements of the licensee
  • name of the organiser, phone number and legal registration number

To obtain a lotto or bingo licence, the following must be provided:

  • extract from the state register
  • a document confirming the payment of the permit fee
  • articles of association
  • information about the place and date of the games
  • information about the place, date and timing of the issue of winnings (no more than 30 calendar days from the date of the drawing)
  • conditions for considering claims
  • data on the number and numbering of winning game tickets
  • general rules of games
  • an extract from the bank account (to guarantee payments) showing the presence of at least 10,000 GEL
  • Site url
  • rules for registering players, managing a deposit or balance

All information must be presented in Georgian.

Applicants for organising a state lottery must pass a tender announced by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

Proposals are accepted from all interested legal entities registered in the country. The winner receives the exclusive right to organise and conduct the lottery for 10 years.

Applications in English need to be submitted in 2 sealed envelopes. The list of documents is presented by the government in Georgian and English. The Public Announcement of the tender is announced on the website of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. If an applicant does not provide all the required documents and information within the prescribed period, their proposal will not be considered.

Licence Fees

The cost of issuing a licence is free if the applicant wants to wait 20 days. If a swift service is required, the following service fees are added:

  • 2,000 GEL - 1 working day
  • 800 GEL - 5 working days
  • 400 GEL - 10 working days

Annual licence fees vary by region.

REGION FEE in Georgian Lari (GEL)
Senaki 100,000
Akhaltsikhe Municipality
Ozurgeti Municipality
Rustavi 200,000
Other Municipalities 50,000

There is no fee on the territories of Gudauri, Bakuriani, Tskhaltubo and Signagi. If the licence is issued for 10 years in resort hotels (100 rooms or more) in Batumi, Kobuleti and Khelvachauri, there is no duty.

For a tote, the annual rate for a licence is from 30,000 to 300,000 GEL, depending on the region, and for a lottery or bingo it is 15,000 GEL.

Is it possible to play at cross-licensed online casinos?

There is no direct prohibition in the law to play on resources with international licences and permissions.

What is the Gambling Business Policy Division?

The Gambling Business Policy Division is the department that manages gambling business under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance.


What law regulates the legalisation of virtual gambling business in Georgia?