Main Casino Licenses (48) Gaming Control Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

Online Casino Licence in Lithuania

An online casino can obtain a licence from the Gaming Control Authority. They come under the authority of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and as well as issuing licences they control compliance and regulate the industry. They have been issuing online casino and betting licences since 2016.

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You will need a licence if you want to offer the following types of remote gambling entertainment in Lithuania:

  • casino games (roulette, card and dice)
  • sports betting, horse racing
  • bingo
  • slot machines
  • lottery

The Law on Gambling in the Republic of Lithuania prohibits encouraging participation in these entertainments:

  • contests and events
  • the right to receive gifts from the organiser instantly or within a certain period after participation

All the actions of a licensed online casino in Lithuania should be aimed at protecting participants from gambling addiction.


The organisation of gambling activities is based on the Law on Gambling in the Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublikos azartinių lošimų įstatymas) dated the 17th of May 2001. The period of the current version of the law: is from the 1st of July 2020 until the 31st of October 2021.

A licence for the organisation of gambling and a permit for the organisation of internet entertainment in Lithuania is issued by the Gaming Control Authority who are a legal entity that is funded by the State budget.

Any organisation that is found to be offering illegal online gambling in Lithuania will be blacklisted and added to their list of illegal online gambling operators

Tax Rates

When organizing remote gambling entertainment, a tax rate of 13% is applied to the tax base of lotteries and internet games in Lithuania.

How to Obtain an Online Casino Licence in Lithuania

A public or private limited liability company or a branch of a foreign company that has the appropriate licence and permit has the right to conduct gambling in the Republic of Lithuania.

On the 1st of January 2016, the Procedure for the approval of recommendations for the submission of documents necessary for organising remote gaming came into force, the current version is dated the 19th of June 2019.

The documents are submitted to the Lithuanian Supervisory Authority directly or via electronic means of communication.

The company submits an application with the following information:

  • company name, code, registered office address, phone numbers, fax numbers
  • website address for internet entertainment, types of games and the number of remote game objects
  • date, licence number, internet addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details of the authority that issued the licence to conduct entertainment online
  • position, name, surname of the Head of the Company or an authorised person (power of attorney needs to be attached)
  • applicant's signature, date of filing and a list of the attached documents

List of required documents:

  1. Draft regulation on the organisation of remote gambling entertainment in Lithuania - 2 copies (printed and electronic).
  2. Description of remote gaming devices: manufacturer, IP address, and type.
  3. A certificate from an accredited body (laboratory) to confirm that the remote gaming device complies with the requirements of the Law and the Regulatory Authority.
  4. Confirmation of the company's ownership of equipment that provides centralized identification and registration of all participants in online gaming, accounting for the actions of participants, bets and winnings (or the legal Management of such software).
  5. List of equipment IP addresses.
  6. Information about the location of the remote gambling server, including the remote gaming device and equipment with the exact address.
  7. The name of the payment, credit or other financial institution in which the account is opened for accepting rates and settlements between the company and the participant, SWIFT code, account number.
  8. Data on remote gaming devices and equipment for connection to the Supervisory Authority.

A state fee is paid for the issuance of a licence for the organisation of remote gambling entertainment in Lithuania. The company must notify the Supervisory Authority about changes in the data in the documents within 5 working days from the date the changes come into force.

In accordance with the current procedure in Lithuania, the company has the right to submit an application for amending or supplementing the Draft Regulation on the Organisation of Internet Games:

  • increasing or decreasing the number of remote gaming devices
  • replacement of a gaming device with another without changing their total number
  • making changes to the information specified in the permission to remote play without replacing the gaming device
  • approval of the rules for organising remote gambling entertainment

The minimum amount that is stored in the company's bank accounts and is allocated only for paying out winnings must be at least 72,400 euros. A decrease in this amount after the payment of winnings must be replaced so that the account balance is restored within 2 calendar days.

The authorised capital of a company for conducting online entertainment of all types in Lithuania must be at least 1,158,000 euros.

Where can I get an application for adding or changing the permission to organise remote play in Lithuania?

The application form can be downloaded from the Gaming Control Authority LINK website, under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.

Does a player need to conclude an agreement to participate in an online casino in Lithuania?

Yes. To participate, the user concludes an agreement with the organiser of the online casino. It must be in writing and sent to the registered office or gambling centre of the company. The contract is considered concluded from the moment that both parties have signed it.

An agreement that has been concluded with the participant on the operator's website is considered valid from the moment when the player activates a special link on the Internet resource and enters personal data and other requested information.