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The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden, or DGA) is the government regulatory body that controls the Danish gambling market. The DGA is subordinate to the Tax Ministry in Denmark.

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Danish Gambling Authority

The responsibilities of the DGA include:

  • issuance of gambling licences
  • supervision of gambling operators
  • monitoring the gambling industry
  • following the rules of responsible gaming
  • international cooperation
  • consulting services

Guided by Lov om spil [1] (Gambling Law) No. 1494 of 6/12/2016 (Danish Gambling Act, Law on Gambling) and Lov for Grønland om visse spils [2] (Act for Greenland on certain Games) No. 223 of 22/03/11 (Law of Greenland on Certain Games) as amended by No. 1573 and 1574 dated 15/12/2015.

Online casino activities are additionally regulated by Bekendtgørelse om onlinekasino [3] (Online Casino Notice) No. 1274 dated 29/11/2019.


In accordance with Section 18 of the Danish Gambling Act, the DGA issues licences for online casinos and bookmakers that are valid for 5 years. You can apply for a licence for one or both of these types of gambling activities.

For businesses with an annual income of up to DKK 1 million or a turnover of up to 5 million there is a limited income licence that is issued for 1 year.

Licensees in Denmark can offer visitors:

  • sports betting and casual events (including virtual sports)
  • roulette
  • bingo
  • punto banco
  • poker
  • slot machines
  • black Jack

Operators can offer combined games in which winnings depend not only on chance, but also on the player's personal skills and abilities (for example, backgammon or whist).

In Greenland, the Office regulates:

  • online casinos
  • land based casinos
  • online bookmakers
  • lotteries

Online bingo, horse racing, dog racing and pigeon racing are not permitted in Greenland.

The Greenland police issues permits for the organisation of halls with slot machines and non-commercial lotteries, and monitors and controls their activities.

DGA Jurisdiction and Authority

The Danish Gambling Authority regulates the gambling activities of operators within the Kingdom of Denmark and the Autonomous Territory of Greenland.

The mission of the Authority is to ensure a responsible and fair approach to the regulation of the gambling market for players and providers of gambling in Denmark. The DGA issues the appropriate licences and monitors the activities of licensees, analyzes the gambling market and provides clear transparent recommendations or information.

To ensure fair and equal working conditions for licensees, the Office cooperates with international organizations, law enforcement agencies, regulators in other countries and ministries in Denmark.

Player Data Protection

Licensed online casinos in Denmark [4] LINK use the TamperToken security system approved by the DGA to protect user data. The built-in GamblerCheck system verifies the data and confirms the identification of players. Each player is digitally signed with a NemID which allows operators to check the accuracy of the data received from the player and whether they appear on the list of self-excluded players (ROFUS).

The recommendations and requirements [5] of the Office in relation to setting up, updating and testing the systems of licensed online casinos are available on the official website of the DGA.


When a player makes a complaint to a licensed operator it must contain the user's personal data and the reason for the appeal. If the licensee does not provide the player with solutions to the problem within 14 days they are obliged to notify the player the date when they will have considered the complaint.

Players can file a complaint with the:

  • DGA - decides on the legality of the operator's actions
  • Consumer Ombudsman [6] LINK - handles complaints about the legality of gambling marketing
  • Consumer Complaints Board [7] LINK - provides legal support for violations of players' rights by licensees issued by the Office
  • To court - allows you to appeal the decision of a gambling provider

A detailed complaints guide for players [8] LINK is available on the DGA website.

Tax Rates and Licence Fees

An application for a licence to provide online casino or bookmaker services has a fee of 285,200 DKK. The cost of considering an application for both types of activities is 400,100 DKK. If the application is rejected, the applicant will be refunded half of the licence fee.

Licensees need to pay an annual licence fee. The amount of the fee depends on the net income of the gambling establishment in the previous reporting year.

Up to 5 Million 57,200
From 5 to 10 Million 142,900
From 10 to 25 Million 257,200
From 25 to 50 Million 514,400
From 50 to 100 Million 914,400
From 100 to 200 Million 1,714,500
From 200 to 500 Million 2,857,500
Over 500 Million 5,143,500

The income tax rate is 20% of the gross income of the company. The amount of corporate tax is 25% of the net profit.

How to get an Online Casino Licence in Denmark

To apply for a licence the operator must complete and submit an application form to the DGA Office.

Appendix A (No. 2-02) To be filled in by:
  • Individuals and entrepreneurs
  • all FLP partners
  • all Shareholders and Members of the Management and Board that own more than 10% of the shares in the company
  • the official representative of a foreign company in Denmark
  • any other persons that the DGA needs information about
Appendix B (№ 2-03) Provides DGA with information about the types of gambling that the applicant intends to offer visitors to the online gambling establishment
Appendix C (№ 2-04) Used to give details about the company applying for the licence and includes:
  • data on location, company registration number and contact details
  • business plan and copies of registration documents
  • information about the company's debts
  • confirmation of non-participation in illegal operations and the absence of administrative penalties
  • details of a contact person
  • signatures of representatives, Directors or Owners of the company to confirm the correctness of the information submitted

The application processing fee has to be paid before the date it is submitted. You can download the forms and see detailed instructions [9] LINK on how to complete them on the DGA website.

The DGA reviews the application and informs the applicant of their decision via the applicants´ preferred method of communication.

Where should the servers of Danish gaming licensees be located?

Gambling providers' servers must be physically located in Denmark.

You can locate servers in another country if:

  • the supplier is licensed to operate gambling in that country and the DGA has entered into an agreement with the local competent regulatory authority
  • the licensee provides the DGA with the ability to monitor the system using remote access or similar means.


Is it legal for operators with an international licence to operate in Denmark?

No. The Danish Gambling Authority requires that organisers of gambling activities must register and obtain a licence from Denmark.

Is the application fee refunded in case of cancellation?

Half of the application fee will be refunded.