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Sublicence from Curaçao eGaming

The Curaçao Minister of Justice has issued a Master Licence to Curaçao eGaming. They issue sublicences numbered 1668/JAZ and are an official member of the Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA).

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There is only one type of licence that covers all the different types of gambling entertainment. Curaçao eGaming sublicencees can provide:

  • an online casino
  • sports betting
  • poker
  • lotteries
  • bingo
  • games with a random chance of winning (via telecommunication devices)

The sublicence is valid indefinitely and depends on the term of use of the Curaçao eGaming permission.

How to Verify the Authenticity of the Curaçao 1668/JAZ Sublicence

To verify the authenticity of the Curaçao 1668/JAZ licence, you need to find the Curaçao eGaming logo in the footer of the online casino website. Click on it and a new tab will open showing the verification status.

When checking the Curaçao 1668/JAZ licence, the following statuses may appear:

  • Valid - Genuine licence from Curaçao eGaming
  • Invalid - The company was not found in the list of certified companies, do not use this casino website
  • Attention Valid - The licencee's activities are being audited due to a default and suspension is possible
  • Unknown Status - No data could be found for this provider so try again in a few minutes

The check licence page can be found on the official Curaçao eGaming website.

Use of the Curaçao Sublicence

Online casinos that have received this sublicence are not allowed to operate in the USA, the Netherlands, France and the former Netherlands Antilles including Curaçao itself.

Obtaining an additional licence from other jurisdictions (for example Malta) allows you to operate in these countries, but online casinos are prohibited from admitting users from countries whose legislation prohibits gambling.


Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean and is part of the Lesser Antilles that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The regulatory body in this jurisdiction is the Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA).

Since 2001 licences have been issued by the Ministry of Justice. However, since 2002 gambling business has been decentralized and the area of ​​gambling is regulated by the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard.


The organisation that deals with issues related to Internet gaming is the Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA). The Association works in the interests of operators and represents their interests in the development, adoption and implementation of political, legislative and legal decisions by the Government of the country.

Internationally, CIGA is committed to protecting the image of the Master Licence Holders, enhancing competitiveness and building a reputation as a reliable jurisdiction that provides a safe place for the establishment and development of gambling business.


This is not the most authoritative and reliable authorization in the gambling industry. The main principle of the Curaçao policy is that everything that operates offshore should be profitable. Therefore, playing online casinos with a Curaçao licence does not mean that they are fair.

This does not mean that the operators who have received this permission use uncertified machines with a random number generator (RNG). Under the terms of the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard Law, all slots have to be licenced. However, unscrupulous online casinos may delay or not pay winnings.

The user cannot complain to anyone as the jurisdiction of the island does not get involved in disputes or protect the interests of the players. If you have any disputes you should contact the online casino or the sublicence provider directly, but you may not receive an answer.

Tax Rates

Online casinos that have received a sublicence from Curaçao do not pay:

  • tax on gross income from rates
  • VAT
  • import duties

They need to pay 2% of income tax and submit reports once a year and there are no restrictions on withdrawing funds from accounts. The online casino licence belongs to the E-zone.

How to get a Sublicence from Curaçao eGaming to Open an Online Casino

To obtain a licence for an online casino, you must submit an official application form addressed to the governor to the Ministry of Justice, officially register the company and have a legal address on the island.

You must attach to the application:

  • Certificate of registration of a legal entity in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Beneficiary details - full names, citizenship, passport number, registration and residence address and social security number
  • A business plan containing the rules of the game
  • Checks confirming payment of utilities, not older than 3 months (to confirm the authenticity of the address)
  • Police clearance certificate of the owner, no older than 90 days.
  • Confirmation of a bank account and funds in it, not older than 3 months. In most cases, operators become clients of financial institutions of the European Union (EU).

The administration of a company registered in Curaçao must be in the E-zone. At least one of the founders must be a resident of the island.

To place an application, you will need:

  • A document confirming the ownership of the domain
  • The layout of the servers that ensure the operation of the casino. The servers must be located on the island and contain information about clients, game scenarios and logic and financial transactions
  • A document confirming that the hosting provider is local
  • A copy of the agreement concluded with the software supplier
  • Description of games that will be used in online casinos and their certificates
  • Assurance that persons under the age of 18 will not register and play on the internet casino website
  • List of countries where the company will operate

Registration of a company and obtaining a licence take more than three weeks.

Curaçao Sublicence Cost

The price is 20 to 40 thousand US dollars in the first year and 13 to 15 thousand US dollars will be spent in subsequent years on operating expenses. This includes the cost of services provided by companies involved in obtaining licences and further servicing licencees in accounting, business management and the payment of annual fees.

Company Establishment 6,000 (one time)
Domiciliation (permission from the account holder to the bank to regulate the monthly bill payments) of the company 750 per month, payment is due 6 months in advance (4,500)
Monthly Management 1,500 per month, paid 6 months in advance (9,000)
E-Zone Status Application 4,500 (one time)
Sublicence Application 3,000 (one time)
Monthly Licence Fee 1,500 per month, paid 6 months in advance (9,000)
Company Reporting Commission 750 (once a year)
Can online casinos be dishonest?

Operators must use licenced software so the percentage of returns to the players is respected. However, the casino may delay payments or not make them at all. In this case, the player has nowhere to complain. Curaçao eGaming does not handle controversial issues.

What is the required server bandwidth?

Mandatory conditions that determine the server's throughput are a multi-gigabit channel, the ability to copy and backup data, international fiber-optic lines, a self-healing network that operates around the clock and all throughout the year.

What are the software requirements?

The operator must have full RNG certification. Availability of permission from the Ministry of Justice for the integration of software into online casinos. The protection of user data and regular software updates are prerequisites.