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The operator can obtain a licence from the Games of Chance Administration. They are an administrative body within the Ministry of Finance of the Republice of Serbia and regulate its competence. Only licensees and the Serbian State Lottery can organise online gambling activities.

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A licence to operate an online casino is issued by the Games of Chance Administration and is valid for 10 years. Licences are issued for Internet games where there is a random chance to win including slot machines, sports betting and casino table games.

The Serbian State Lottery has the right to organise classic internet games with a random chance of winning (lottery, lotto, keno, bingo, sports predictions) without needing special permission.


The Games of Chance Administration performs government tasks in the field of gambling management including online casinos. It operates under the Law on Games with a Random Chance No. 84/2004 dated the 24th of July 2004.

The issuance of a licence for the organization of games with a random chance of winning is based on the Law on Games of Chance 18/2020, dated the 24th of November 2011 and updated on the 3rd of March 2020 that has been adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

These updated provisions need to be adopted by online casinos within 15 months from the date of the law coming into effect (by July 10, 2021).


Gambling sites of online casinos in Serbia are legal if they hold a licence issued by the Games of Chance Administration. The homepage of the website must show a certificate of IT and characteristics of the equipment.

This document confirms the verification of computer networks, software, the quality of gaming software, registration systems and player account management, security, and information protection. The holder can download the application forms for obtaining a certificate on the website of the Military Technical Institute

Tax Rates

The licensee pays a monthly tax for organising games with a random chance that is calculated from the difference between the total amounts of payments and receipts:

  • 15% - on sports bets
  • 10% - on casino games and slot machines

The fee for organising classic games with a random chance using telecommunication technologies is 60%.

How to Obtain an Online Casino Licence in Serbia

The organisation of online casino activities is the exclusive right of the Republic of Serbia (RS). According to the current law, the RS may transfer this right to legal entities or entrepreneurs engaged in gambling activities on its territory via:

  • a licence
  • an approval
  • consent

With the government's consent, the Serbian State Lottery can attract legal entities and operators to organise Internet entertainment with a random chance of winning. The agreement regulates the mutual rights and obligations of the Serbian State Lottery and the operator.

Conditions for organising with a random chance:

  • Approval can be obtained by a legal entity whose share capital and paid financial contribution amount to at least 250,000 euros (in dinars). The authorised capital must be unchanged during the term of the licence.
  • The presence of a deposit in a bank located in the RS - 300,000 euros (in dinars), or a bank guarantee. The permission to dispose of funds transferred to the Republic of Serbia.
  • The organiser must deposit at least 10,000 euros (in dinars) on each day of the games.
  • The organiser is obliged to use the information and communication system for the functioning of online gambling entertainment.

An application submitted for obtaining a licence, must contain the following information:

  • data on the name and location of the applicants legal entity
  • method of identification and registration of participants
  • order of actions in case of interrupted communication with the player
  • a description of the backup system
  • a description of the system returning to the last saved state

The following documentation should be provided with a licence request:

  • research data on the impact of online gambling entertainment on players
  • certificate of conformity of the licensee's information and communication system to the standards of technical and functional characteristics
  • information on the types of online gambling entertainment and rules for participants
  • an extract on the registration of the share capital for a legal entity
  • confirmation of payment of the state fee for organising and obtaining a licence
  • the applicant's constituent agreement
  • financial statements of the applicant's profit and loss for the previous year (except for legal entities established in the current year)
  • confirmation of ownership or the right to use the premises that will be equipped for organisation
  • a certificate from the competent state authority confirming that the applicant has not been fined or convicted of a criminal offense in the RS or a foreign country

The organisation can submit a request to terminate the online casino in Serbia through the Games of Chance Administration.

Licence Cost

The organisation needs to pay a fee of 2,500 euros per month (in dinars) for obtaining a licence to organize an FIC with a random chance using telecommunication means. The Licence can be renewed for an additional 10 years if they fulfil all the conditions prescribed by law and make a payment of 500,000 euros.

How do I apply for a licence to operate an online casino in Serbia?

A Licence Request Form to Organise Random Chance Online Games can be downloaded from the Games of Chance Administration website to complete and submit.

May a licence be renewed after ten years of validity?

No. The licensee can submit a request for a new licence 60 days before the expiration of the current licence.