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The Monopolio Rentístico JSA (Monopolio Rentístico de los Juegos de Suerte y Azar) is the current regime of the state monopoly on games of luck (chance) in Colombia. Income from gambling activities goes to the development of public health services. To provide internet entertainment in Colombia, the company must enter into a concession agreement with the national industry regulator Coljuegos Colombia.

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Permission to Legalize Online Casinos in Colombia

According to Article 38 of Law 643 of January 16, 2001 (amended by Article 93 of Law No. 1753 of 2015), it is possible to acquire a concession agreement for games of luck (chance), controlled via the Internet or other information technologies that do not require the physical presence of the participant.

Types of Online Gambling in Colombia that can be licenced:

  • slot machines
  • roulette
  • blackjack
  • baccarat
  • bingo
  • poker
  • sports betting

The operation, organisation and administration of Chance Games are governed by Law 643 of January 16, 2001 and regulations.


Law 643 of January 16, 2001 (Ley 643 DE 2001), as amended, establishes the Monopolio Rentístico JSA regime.

Coljuegos Colombia is a state-owned industrial and commercial company that administers the games of chance, which are part of Monopolio Rentístico JSA. The activities of the company are regulated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Colombia No. 4142 of November 3, 2011 (Decreto 4142 DE 2011). 

Coljuegos functions:

  • management of games of chance, issuance of game rules at the national level
  • developing and maintaining proposals on the types of games of chance
  • identification and implementation of innovative ways to promote Internet entertainment
  • development of annual plans to combat illegal exploitation of gambling
  • control of illegal games in Colombia
  • preparation and submission to the Ministry of Finance and the state loan of regulatory changes that contribute to the effective operation of games of chance (odds)

The company was established for transparent management of the national gambling industry in accordance with world-class standards. Coljuegos Colombias' policy is aimed at building consumer confidence in gambling and protecting gamblers from fraud, especially when they are playing at online casinos


Only a registered player has access to the account and to receive winnings. If a third-party login is detected in the personal account or for any other reason, the user can file a complaint on the Coljuegos Colombia website. The appeal can be anonymous.

You can also complain through the toll-free telephone line 01 8000 180 417 or via e-mail LINK If the participant has not received a response from the website operator, he can email LINK

How to Get Permission to Open an Online Casino in Colombia?

You can download the application form for obtaining permission to manage online games of luck (chance) on the Coljuegos Colombia website.

Documents required to apply for a licence:

  1. Proof of identity of the legal representative of the company. Confirmation of the identity of the applicant's lawyer (if there is such a person).
  2. In cases where one vote of a company representative is not enough and the minutes must be signed by members of the Board of Directors or partners, the minutes of their meeting.
  3. Financial statements: balance sheet, profit and loss statements, cash flows, changes in equity, changes in financial position.
  4. Identity cards and professional cards of the accountant and auditor.
  5. For an accountant and fiscal auditor - a certificate of validity of registration and disciplinary records from the Central Board of Accountants of Colombia.
  6. Company bank account certification.
  7. Certification of Internet entertainment compliance with technical requirements. The certificate must be issued by an accredited laboratory authorised by Coljuegos Colombia.
  8. Estimated contract value (approximate).
  9. The financial justification for funds to cover prize payouts and bet refunds.
  10. Certification of Social Security Contributions and Parafiscal Benefits, signed by a legal representative or auditor.
  11. Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Documents.
  12. Code of Conduct.
  13. Application for employment of the employee overseeing payments and software operation and their ID.

You can apply for a licence in Colombia by emailing Coljuegos Colombia:

The deadline for receiving a response to an application for permission to organise Internet games in Colombia is 2 months.

Can I apply for a licence in Colombia by proxy?

Yes. In this case, in addition to the power of attorney, a notarized document confirming the right of the authorised person of the company to sign all documents needs to be submitted.

In what languages are documents submitted for obtaining a licence in Colombia?

All documents must be submitted in the state language of Colombia - Spanish (Castellano).