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Alderney Gambling Control Commission Online Casino Licence

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was established in 2000 to regulate eGambling in the States of Alderney. Licensees are regulated by The Gambling (Alderney) Law (since 1999), The Alderney eGambling Regulations (2009), The Alderney eGambling Ordinance (since 2009 with amendments in 2018).

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Types of Alderney Licences

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) issues 4 types of licences and permits for online casinos:

  • eGambling licence
  • Associate certificate
  • Hosting certificate
  • Temporary eGambling licence

eGambling Licence

The eGambling Licence is issued once and needs to be renewed annually.

There are three types of licence:


Category I (B2C, for Alderney companies) Permits licensees to:
  • register, identify players and conclude agreements with them
  • prepare and organise games for clients
  • participate in financial transactions of identified users
  • manage funds of authorized users
  • offer and advertise gambling entertainment
  • provide gambling services to clients of companies with foreign registration and a licence from a local regulatory authority

Does not give the right to independently manage hardware resources or online casino software.

Category II

(B2B, for gaming platforms located in Alderney)

Holders can:
  • accept bets
  • manage hardware and software of one or several platforms with type I licences
  • provide gambling services on behalf of a company with a foreign registration and a licence from a local regulatory authority

They do not have the right to directly enter into agreements with casino customers.

Temporary eGambling Licence Allows foreign companies to temporarily obtain the rights of category I or II licensees.

An organization can apply for Category I and/or a Category II Licences. Temporary licences are issued to companies that are registered outside of Alderney.

Category I (B2C) Licence Fees

Once registered, the user can play on a licensed Alderney platform or other platform that has been licensed by the local regulatory authority. Operators can create their own games and events, such as tournaments, sweepstakes or competitions.

Providers of the main services and gambling software must have the corresponding Associate certificates.


Alderney licence issuance 17,500
Authorization for holders of other types of Alderney licences 35,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with a net annual income of less than 500,000 GBP (group A) 35,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with an annual net profit of 500,000 to 1,000,000 GBP (group B) 60,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with an annual net profit of £ 1 to 5 million (group C) 80,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with an annual net profit of 5 million GBP to 7.5 million GBP (group D) 130,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with an annual net profit of 7.5m GBP to 20m GBP (Group E) 200,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with an annual net profit of 20 to 30 million GBP (Group F) 290,000
Extension of a licence for businesses with an annual net profit of over £ 30 million (Group G) 400,000

The annual contribution to the Gambling Association is 3,000 GBP for each partner-licensee with a Category I permit.

Category II (B2B) Licence Fees


Initial Licence Fee 17,500
Applying for the holder of other types of Alderney licence 35,000
Annual renewal 35,000

Licensees pay annual fees to the Gambling Association of 3,000 GBP for each partner.

Temporary Licence

Allows the holder to provide gambling services (bets, entertainment, betting or lottery) of type I or II for a short period or time:

  • Can only be used continuously for 29 days
  • total use - 59 days within a six-month period

On the 30th day of continuous use or upon the 60th day of the total use of the temporary licence, the AGCC will require the organiser to register a company in Alderney and, within 42 days, apply for a Type I or II licence.

The holder of a temporary permit must inform the AGCC when it activates or deactivates the licence no later than one hour after the first or last transaction.

The Licensee pays an annual licence fee of 10,000 GBP.

Service Provider Certificates

There are four types of service provider certificates that are issued by the AGCC:

  1. A Core Services Associate Certificate - Enables you to provide software to Alderney licensees
  2. A Category 1 Associate (B2C) - Serves customers of operators with Type I and II licences
  3. A Category 2 Associate (B2B) - Allows businesses to serve Category I licensees and represent foreign companies in Baylivick Guernsey
  4. A Key Individual Certificate - issued to Managers, Executives of AGCC companies or foreign organizations in Guernsey
  5. A Hosting Certificate - issued to owners of premises in Guernsey to host gambling equipment licensees and service provider certificate holders

Applicants must be registered in Alderney.

Authority of the Alderney Gambling Commission

The Alderney regulator is under the control of the British Crown, but is not directly subordinate to it. The AGCC issues licences to operate online casinos hosted in Alderney or Guernsey.

Licences issued by the Alderney Commission may be used to operate in any country where gambling is permitted by law. In some countries (eg the UK) the licensee must additionally obtain permission to operate a gambling business from the local regulatory authority.

Tax Rates

Licensees pay fees for the consideration of applications, issuance of licences and compliance documents, confirmation of licences and make contributions to the Gambling Association. There is no corporate tax, VAT or other tax or duty applicable to gambling licensees in Alderney.

How to Get a Licence in Alderney

To obtain a licence or temporary permit, you must:

  1. Submit your application 
  2. Make a deposit for the consideration of the application in the amount of 5,000 GBP
  3. At a meeting with an authorized person from the Commission, provide a business plan, a list of Executive Partners and legal entities of the company
  4. Submit an annual licence fee

After the authorization is issued, the company goes through a procedure for assessing the internal control system (ICS), gambling equipment and capitalization.

ICS compliance fee is 10,000 GBP, hardware and software approval 5,000 GBP.

Capitalization implies that:

  • the player's balance cannot be negative
  • the company's current assets always exceed liabilities
  • the total assets of the company always exceed the total liabilities by at least 25%

The required questionnaires and forms can be found on the regulator's website.

Obtaining a Type I or II Licence

An application for a Type I or II Licence is submitted in the same manner as for obtaining a standard licence and the review fee is 5,000 GBP.

The commission evaluates and approves the organization's internal control systems (ICS) and the gambling equipment of the certificate holder. The cost of issuing these documents is 10,000 GBP and 5,000 GBP, respectively.


The essence of the collection AMOUNT IN £
Annual fee for issuing a primary service provider certificate 10,000
Initial issuance of category I certificate 35,000
Application for Type I Service Provider Certificate for Category I and II Electronic Gambling Licence Holders 50,000
Renewal of category I service provider certificate 50,000
Issuance of category II service provider certificate 35,000
Obtaining a certificate of a service provider of the II category for holders of a licence for electronic gambling (I and II categories) 50,000
Renewal of category II service provider certificate 50,000

Holders of certificates for the provision of services to gambling operators annually pay contributions of 3,000 GBP for each parner to the Gambling Association.

To consider an application for a Key Individual Certificate, an applicant:

  • submits a completed application form 
  • provides written documents from the licence holder or foreign organization confirming the position of the applicant
  • pays a contribution of 1,000 GBP

During the audit the commission can use police data and request information from regulatory and law enforcement agencies in other countries.

To obtain a hosting certificate, an applicant must submit an application and pay an application processing fee of 5,000 GBP.

Protecting the Interests of Players

By written notice to a Category I Licensee a registered customer may limit:

  1. The amount of deposits within a certain time scale
  2. The maximum amount spent for a certain time or a series of game operations

Sites licensed in Alderney must publish:

  • Return to Player (RTP) forecast for each game played on an AGCC regulated site (not applicable to sports betting)
  • identifiers of the regulator and its jurisdiction
  • customer support contact information
  • terms and conditions of participation for all games
  • an outline of the dispute settlement process
  • the procedure for the secure processing of making payments

The AGCC requires that the total assets of licensed companies exceed their total liabilities.

Holders of B2C permits are required to:

  • use different accounts to conduct business and maintain customer funds
  • inform registered users about possible risks in case of insolvency of the organiser or partner of the company

Complaints from visitors to the resource are primarily sent to the appropriate operator in writing (or via email). Licensees must provide a written response.

If the user is not satisfied with the operator's decision, the complaint is sent to AGCC LINK for arbitration.


  • registers the complaint
  • informs about the progress of the review
  • offers options for resolving the dispute

If the user is not satisfied with the operator's decision, the complaint is sent to AGCC LINK for arbitration.


  • registers the complaint
  • informs about the progress of the review
  • offers options for resolving the dispute

To appeal the decision of the Commission:

  • you can contact the Executive Director of AGCC who will conduct an independent review of the issue and formally communicate the final decision
  • file an appeal with Alderney Court

The AGCC may seek reimbursement of investigation costs from both parties to the dispute.

What types of gambling entertainment are licensed by the AGCC?

The licences issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission allow you to include all types of permitted gambling activities in one document. The list of licensed gambling depends on the region in which the licensee will operate.

Do I need to be headquartered in Guernsey in order to obtain a gambling licence in Alderney?

The physical presence of a company in Alderney or Guernsey is optional, however organizations must have an official representative in the country and an office registered in Alderney.

Do I have to host servers in Guernsey?

No. An organization can obtain an Alderney Gambling Control Commission licence and host servers outside of Alderney or Guernsey providing they are in a data centre with a Category II certificate.