Online casinos in Ukraine and legal regulations

At the legislative level, the activities of online casinos in Ukraine have been allowed since July 14, 2020, 248 people's deputies supported bill No. 2285-d. The gambling business in Ukraine regulated by the law «On the state regulation of the activities and organization of gambling» dated 12/18/2019 as amended on 06/10/2020. Internet providers block illegal online casinos in the country according to court orders.

The regulatory body is the Commission for the Development and Regulation of Gambling (Commission, or the Authorized Body).

The Commission consists of a head and six members. They are appointed and dismissed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for four years, based on competition. The head of the Commission and its member cannot be more than two consecutive terms.

Online Casino Rating in Ukraine

Licensed online casinos have a .ua domain name. Operators on the Internet will be able to operate through websites and mobile applications. Currently, there are no legal online casinos and players from Ukraine play in foreign online casinos with a cross-license.

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Legal regulations for online casinos in Ukraine

Licenses to organize and conduct

Internet gambling

Online bookmaking

Online poker games


Law No. 2285-d of 12/18/2019 as amended on 06/10/2020


Annual license fee (equivalent to the number of minimum wages):

  • for online casinos — 6,500
  • for organizing poker games on the Internet — 5,000
  • for organizing bookmaking on the Internet — 30,000
  • for the provision of services in the field of gambling entertainment —  300
Penalties for players No
Fines for illegal gambling

For non-observance of the procedure for identifying players and admitting persons under 21 years of age to gambling — 500 minimum wages

For non-compliance with the requirements of the legislation on advertising gambling entertainment and operators — 300 minimum wages

Minimum player age 21 years
Main language Ukrainian
Payment systems Visa, MasterCard, LiqPay, Privat24

Law of Ukraine No. 2285-d: Basic Provisions

According to Law No. 2285-d of Ukraine allowed:

  • s inorganization and conduct of gambling entertainment in land-based casinos;
  • organization and conduct of bookmaker activities in bookmakers and on the Internet;
  • organization and manner of gambling entertainment on the Internet;
  • organizing and conducting game the halls of slot machines;
  • organization and style of online poker games.

In its activities, the Authorized Body guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, Law No. 2285-d, other legislative acts of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The activities of the Commission financed from the State Budget of Ukraine.

The Commission keeps registers:

  • legal online casinos;
  • organizers of bookmaker activities;
  • self-limited persons;
  • lottery operators;
  • organizers of gambling entertainment in the halls of slot machines;
  • poker game organizers.

These registers, except for the Register of Self-Restricted Persons, are publicly available on the official website of the Authorized Body.

For each activity on the Internet — online casinos, poker games, betting - a corresponding type of license provided. Permits are issued only to legal entities, for five years.

The required amount of the authorized capital of the organizer of gambling is from UAH 30 million at the time of applying for a license. It can form at the expense of property, securities, and property rights.

Ten days after receiving the decision to issue the license, the applicant must pay the first annual payment. After receiving confirmation of payment, the Commission grants a license.

The payment for the permit credited to the State Budget of Ukraine. If the license canceled, the annual fee is not refundable.

The reasons for refusal to issue a license may be:

  • inaccurate data in the applicant's documents;
  • the presence of a criminal record for terrorism, fraud, and crimes in economic activity by the chief accountant or manager;
  • non-compliance of the applicant with the licensing conditions and requirements of Law No. 2285-d;
  • impossibility to establish sources of financing and the formation of authorized capital.

The grounds for a refusal to issue a permit for activities in the field of gambling may be the violation by the applicant of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine «On the Problem and Proof of Legalization (Disclosure) of Incomes Obtained by the Wicked Way, Financing the Terrorism and Financing the Promotion of Massive Development».

In online casinos in Ukraine, cashless payments are available, subject to preliminary identification of the players. Acceptance of bets by electronic money or on credit is prohibited.

Legal online casinos in Ukraine restrict access to games for users:

  • who are under 21;
  • incapacitated and partially incapacitated;
  • who provided the operator with inaccurate information (surname, name, patronymic, age, registration addresses and place of stay);
  • entered in the Register of Self-Restricted;
  • for which the legislation has established appropriate restrictions.

Sites of legalized online casinos in Ukraine must post reliable information in the state language:

  • full name of the operator by the statutory documents;
  • licensee identification code;
  • the location of the operator by registration documents and information about the actual place;
  • data on the license (series, date, and number of the decision, validity period);
  • the procedure and terms for the payment of winnings (prizes);
  • rules of online casinos and participation in games;
  • warning about the prohibition of participation in competitions for persons under the age of 21;
  • about gaming equipment and mobile applications used by online casinos;
  • gambling addiction and responsible gambling;
  • contacts of technical and service departments of online casinos;
  • about the total winning percentage (theoretical return to player).

The above information should also be provided in mobile applications and on gaming equipment in land-based casinos.

Technical support for players and help for addicts in Ukraine

To minimize the consequences of the impact of gambling, online casinos must adhere to the principles of responsible gambling:

  • ensure the identification of players;
  • restrict access to online casinos' functionality to persons who have entered themselves into the Registry of Self-Restricted, and to players with addiction (gambling addicts).

An individual can independently restrict access to online casinos in Ukraine for himself, family members (first degree of relationship), or persons whose legal representatives he is.

The limitation period is from 6 months to 3 years — the application submitted in writing or electronically to the Authorized Body or the gambling organizer.

The user can be entered into the Register of Self-Restricted Persons by a court decision. Application forms must place in an accessible place for users in every online casino.

The application for inclusion in the Register of Self-Restricted Persons shall include:

  1. The name of the operator to whom the application is submitted.
  2. Full name of the person who is applying.
  3. Full name, passport data, and identification number of the person about whom the restrictions sets.
  4. The time limit for restricting access to online casinos.
  5. Date of application and personal signature of the applicant.

Submission of an application to the operator or to the Authorized Body considered as applying all organizers of gambling on Ukraine's territory.

FAQ about Online Casinos in Ukraine
When is the license fee paid for the second year?

The fee for organizing an online casino on the Internet paid no later than 90 days before starting the second year of the license.

Who should the .ua domain name with register?

The domain name in the .ua zone, on which the online casino will organize, must be registered for the applicant or its founder (participant). With an application for a license, you must provide copies of documents confirming the domain name's ownership or its use.

What game is not considered gambling in Ukraine?

A game that lacks one of the characteristics not considered gambling:
availability of a bet;

  • the winnings (prize) in whole or in part depends on chance;
  • the possibility of receiving or not receiving an award (reward).