Legal online casinos in Cyprus

In the Republic of Cyprus, online casinos prohibited. Gambling includes land-based casinos, sports betting (regulated by National Betting Authority of Cyprus [1] — National Betting Authority, NBA), the offline races (Nicosia Race Club [2]), and online bookmakers. Legal sites operator are accessible at URLs ending in .com and .cy.

Licenses by land-based casinos in Cyprus issue Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission [3] (Cyprus Gambling Commission). The fundamental law — Cyprus Casino Control Law [4] of 2015 (the Law).

Online Casino Rating in Cyprus

Sports are betting and racing allowed on Cyprus online bookmakers.

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Legal regulations for online casinos in Cyprus


Online casinos banned in Cyprus, land casino regulatory authority — Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission [3] 

Class B license (online bookmakers), regulator — National Betting Authority of Cyprus [1]


Cyprus Casino Control Law [4] of 2015 “the Law”


The Betting Law [5] of 2019 (L.37(I)/2019)


The Betting Law [6] of 2012 (L.106(I)/2012) (this Law has repealed)

Bookmaker Taxes

10% of net profit for the reporting period

3% of net profit paid as a contribution to the Republic of Cyprus

Penalties for players


Penalties for illegal gambling

For an online bookmaker's activities without a license and the provision of online casino services with slot machines — imprisonment for a term of not more than five years or a fine of not more than 300,000 euros (or both penalties)

For providing access to online rates to persons under 18 years of age — for the first time imprisonment for a term of not more than one year, repeatedly — a fine of EUR 50,000 or a fine and imprisonment for not more than two years 

Minimum Player Age

TThe land casino — 21 years, 

sports betting and racing — 18 years 

The main language of sites

English, Greek

Payment systems

Visa, MasterCard

Legislation and licenses of bookmakers in the Republic of Cyprus

The Cyprus regulatory authority, which issuing online sportsbook betting licenses — the National Betting Authority of Cyprus. It is operating since 2012, based on the Law on Rates. There are six members in this Authority. It appointed by the Council of Ministers and a chairman. Each employee of the regulator has been working for three years; they can extend for another three years at the end of the term.

Illegal bookmakers and online casinos (slot machines, poker, bingo) are blocked and entered into the Blocking list [7]. List [8] of licensed offline and online bookmakers.

Primary responsibilities of the NBA:

  • consideration of applications and issuance of licenses;
  • controlling of offline and online bookmakers;
  • review of complaints of players against licensees;
  • criminal liability and penalty;
  • cooperation with international organizations regulating betting odds.

By articles 60 and 61 of the Law on Rates of 2019 (L.37(I)/2019), Participate in online bets can be registered persons with a personal account. One user — one account.  

To register, the player must indicate:

  • age (over 18 years old);
  • personal data (first and last name);
  • address of residence;
  • active e-mail;
  • confirmation that the player is informed about the conditions of bets.

The operator checks the user data within 30 days from the date of applying for registration. If the gambler provided incorrect information, the account is blocked.

Cyprus licensed online bookmaker must include:

  • registered company name;
  • registration address;
  • Class B official number and date of issue;
  • links to gambling help center;
  • the rule that the bookmaker does not register minor players;
  • offer to set the period during which the user can bid;
  • information about the possibility of player's self-exclusion for a specific and indefinite period;
  • user filing method and procedure.

Providers must protect all data and displayed information which necessary to the gambler.

Support for players and assistance to cybercriminals in Cyprus

The National Betting Authority at the legislative level regulates the process of handling complaints from players. Users can submit a request to the regulator by e-mail or by feedback forms [9].

In the form player needs to specify:

  • first and last name;
  • address;
  • phone number;
  • e-mail;
  • comments.

Section 71 of 2012 the Law on Rates act includes the tax rate. The regulator of the Republic of Cyprus receives 3% of the net profit.

Funds distributed as follows:

  • 2% — funded by Cyprus Sports Organization;
  • 1% — to work programs to help users with gambling addiction. 

The NBA has developed a strategy for responsible gaming to minimize game addiction among players.

Realizing by Responsible Gaming Action Plan [10] 2018–2022, the regulator establishes the sequence for protecting society and vulnerable groups. 

Responsible Gaming Strategy built on:

  • the creation of societies and places of assistance to addiction;
  • promoting the basics of responsible gaming;
  • prevention and treatment of gambling addiction;
  • protecting youth and socially vulnerable groups.

On the website Responsible Gaming [11], you can learn more about responsible gaming principles, add yourself to the list of self-excluded, set bet limits on time and amount.  

Responsible Gaming
Responsible Gaming
Digeni Akrita 83, 1070, Nicosia
National Betting Authority of Cyprus
National Betting Authority of Cyprus
Digeni Akrita 83, 1070, Nicosia
FAQ about Online Casinos in Cyprus
What licenses does the National Betting Authority of Cyprus issue?

The jurisdiction of Cyprus issues licenses in the following classes:

  • Class A bookmaker license (land bets);
  • Class B bookmaker license (online casino);
  • license premises;
  • Class A License for Authorized Representative.
How much do I have to pay to get Class A and B licenses in Cyprus?

To obtain class A and B licenses for one year, you need to pay 30,000 euros, for two years — 45,000 euros. 

Where is the fee for a Class A and B license in Cyprus paid?

Payment is possible by bank transfer to the government account at the Central Bank of the Republic of Cyprus or by bank check. In the case of a bank transfer, a receipt for payment shall attach to the license application.